Cleaner's Helper Tool Belt - The Cleaner's Secret Weapon!

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With the Cleaner's Helper, you will work MORE EFFICIENTLY, and do jobs in LESS TIME and with LESS EFFORT!

*️⃣ Find your tools and supplies instantly! 
*️⃣ No more wasted trips back and forth! 
*️⃣ Feel fresher and better at the end of the day! 
*️⃣ Make more money!
SAVE TIME, WORK SMARTER, and MAKE MORE PROFIT today with a Cleaner's Helper Tool Belt!

Perfect For:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Janitorial/Custodial
  • Housekeeping
  • Maid Services
  • Window Cleaning
  • Many More!

Cleaner's Helper tool belts are a PROVEN tool to improve the efficiency of your work flow!

Some Awesome Business Math:

  • Let's say you charge $150 for your typical job (no matter what industry);
  • The job takes 2 hours, so your effective hourly revenue is $75.
  • With Cleaner's Helper, conservatively you can SAVE 10% of the time on the job, or 12 minutes (6 minutes per hour);
  • Your NEW HOURLY revenue is $83.33;
  • You NET $8.33 per hour!

At 3 jobs a day, the belt pays for itself in 7 HOURS!

That's what we call a business no brainer!

From janitorial, housekeeping, maid services, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more, the Cleaner's Helper tool belt will help you WORK SMARTER, SAVE TIME, and MAKE MORE PROFIT!

Designed to hold almost any product bottle currently on the market, no matter what brand of tool, cleaners, or supplies you use, you can be confident it'll fit in the Cleaner's Helper tool belt. 

This tool belt has the following awesome features:

Four Individual Supplies and Tools Bags - Configure Any Way You Like

  • 16oz Bottle Bag
  • 32oz Bottle Bag
  • Mobile Phone/Business Card Bag (also holds small tools)
  • Large Towels, Tools, or Bottles Storage Bag

Cord Wrangler Loop - To keep your vacuum, extractor, or other cord in place behind your back. Can also be used as a towel loop.

Adjustable Belt - For waists up to 44", tactical style buckle for easy use.

Soft Cotton Machine-Washable Fabric - Cleaner's Helper belts are specifically designed to be lightweight and soft, unlike other tool belt options. At just 13oz, you'll forget you're even wearing it.

Size Note - Our Standard belts fit up to a 44" waist. If you need a larger belt (48"-49" waist), one can be substituted, simply select the option for the larger belt.

Note: Image with the white brush shows the belt configured with our add-on small tools bag. Not included in the standard setup.

When was the last time you bought a product that pays for itself? When you use a Cleaner's Helper tool belt, you save time, and when you save time, you make more money. Our tool belts pay for themselves in just a few jobs.

Do you manage a housekeeping or maid staff?

We have some special information just for you. Go Here! 

A Note About Our Reviews:

Because this is a relatively new product, we have had less time to gather product reviews for Cleaner's Helper. However, we have a plethora of reviews for our Detailer's Helper version of the tool belts. The belts are nearly identical, which means the reviews are applicable to either product. To be fully transparent, we have left the original review totally intact.

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